Deploy engineering special forces. Deploy SquadTec.

Are you tired of missed deadlines and all over the place engineering projects? Do you dream of a team that would get the job done?

Experience the comfort of predictability by checking the project’s status anytime, anywhere.

Let us take care of engineering and go worry about something else.

Your venture is secured with us.

Engineering special forces for your organization

Our technical Squads are trained to act as a team. Your project is their mission. They are goal-oriented and self-managed. Deploy them in your organization and see the difference.

Deploy a full team

Project execution - that’s what you get with our experienced engineers.

Our agile approach means we can adjust to changes. Our reliability guarantees you will see the project completed by the ETA. And if you like to keep track of things, we use tools that allow you to check progress at any stage.

Extend your current team

You don’t need another team, but you could use an extra pair of hands?

Let’s join forces. Our experienced and skilled engineers can seamlessly integrate into your workflow. We are flexible. We can be there when you need us and out when you no longer do.

Build your engineering center

Outsourcing is not an option? Hiring technical people gives you a headache?

Let us be of help. We can do it for you. We take care of hiring, training, and instilling a culture of accountability and trust. You get a fully functional team ready for action.

SquadTec Our mission

To build the best engineering teams in the world. This is our mission at SquadTec. Engineers are fussy snowflakes - forget it. We train organized Squads that know their drill. We empower people to be their best selves. And only then we deploy them to our clients’ projects.

We want our engineers to take pride in their work. To form relationships that last beyond projects. To be ready to stand for their ideas when they feel it’s necessary. Our culture is our greatest value. And in our culture, we believe in people, not resources.

SquadTec Our history

SquadTec was founded by engineers. We’ve spent years in big tech companies. We’ve experienced our share of inefficiency, burnout, and waste. We’ve seen things like one programmer managed by 7 managers. We’ve seen hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on projects that were always late or never delivered. We knew there must be a different way.

We had the guts to try agile hardware in startups founded by our money. It worked beyond our expectations! We’ve built working prototypes in times needed to get the green light in big corps.

Now we are confident in our approach. And we are proud to present it to you as SquadTec.

We are your engineering special forces.

We took our experience to get rid of everything we hated about the big projects. We build agile teams founded on trust, responsibility, team spirit, and flat structure. We are ready to show you (and the world) how to do engineering the efficient way.

Our Services

SquadTec is a hardware house. We are Agile. We do what needs to be done. We stick to timelines and budget. Check out our services!

Mechanical Engineering

Are you looking for rocket scientists? We can offer you the best teams in the field.

Automated Test Systems (HW-In-The-Loop)

Save time and money by testing hardware while it’s being built. Agile hardware - that’s what we do.

Electrical Engineering

Smart home? Smart clothes? Let’s start with smart people to make them work.

Firmware Development

Your hardware needs software? Smarten up your product with the right firmware.

Agile Coaching (in practise)

We don’t lecture. We act. Want to learn Agile with us? Let’s do a micro project together!

Software Development

Take the uncertainty out of your software project. Deploy our engineering Squad and gear up with custom software.

References from our client

I partnered with Krzysztof to create a self-sufficient engineering team supporting Lime’s operational needs of markets throughout the EU and Middle East. We needed to establish technical competency and implement procedures to support relaunching Lime services in over 60 cities across 25 markets as the world emerged from COVID-19 lockdowns in the Spring and Summer of 2020. Working closely with Krzysztof, SquadTec recruited a team of 12 experienced and specifically skilled engineers in less than 2 months. A testament to his leadership and the potential of this product development team!

Krzysztof and the growing team assessed, proposed and implemented Agile tools and operating principles that were immediately applied to Lime’s product development process across internal and external teams in the EU, North America and Asia. They were patient, instructive, dedicated and driven to achieve successful outcomes for all. Collectively, we were able to address and correct inherited technical issues associated with positional accuracy, battery charging, maintenance and safety, and design a working, proof-of-concept system architecture, encompassing HW, FW and SW services, for a new generation of electric scooters.

I am confident that Krzysztof and the teams at SquadTec can make an immediate and lasting impact on just about any product development challenge you throw at them.

Michael Hillman Vice President of Hardware

Krzysztof was of great help in our journey towards making Uber Engineering a whole faster and more efficient with Jira and Agile development practices. He leveraged his deep knowledge and capability as a trainer, mentor, and evangelist in bringing more and more teams not just into Jira but as willing and enthusiastic participants into the cultural transformation that was taking place. He taught managers not just how to use the tool but how to be able to bring ICs along being capable estimators of work sizing and delivery dates. That’s no small achievement.

He provided training on how best to use Jira in achieving maximum developer productivity, velocity, and efficient collaboration. It became very clear through talking and listening to him that he has given this subject area a huge amount of thought, both at Uber and at previous companies, and has been very successful in implementing these best practices at JUMP, creating not just a high-velocity team that consistently manages to deliver its work product ahead of schedule, but also with a high degree of ownership and team morale.

This is not something one achieves simply by looking at high-level metrics and dashboards, though those are also obviously important when it comes to keeping all levels of management informed to just the right degree, but by also integrating the task tracking tooling that Jira provides with an immersive engineering culture that can consistently create descriptive tasks and accurate story-point estimations and execute on same, a system that also seems to work well at both IC and manager level.

Jordan Hubbard Director, Uber Developer Platform

We approached Krzysztof with precise expectations. We wanted to popularize the smart home experience with compact, cheap, and easy to configure devices. On top of that, we wanted it to be expandable. Suffice it to say our problem was not a trivial one.

Krzysztof built a team of over 20 engineers and led them according to the practical Agile approach. We were dazzled by the pace at which they delivered. The team under Krzysztof’s supervision ideated prototypes exactly matching our requirements. The NFC configuration feature provided an unbeatable user experience.

To sum things up, Krzysztof’s team delivered hardware according to our guidelines paired with software to achieve full functionality. They took care of all the stages of the project - from brainstorming on the right technologies to building actual working devices. I am sure any innovative project can benefit from having Krzysztof engaged.

Maciej Koper Vice President

We hired Krzysztof and his team to fix a specific problem for our client - Electrolux. We needed to develop a novel way of localizing transportation trolleys inside the plants. The client had a set of conditions that needed to be met. The proposed solution had to be flexible due to frequent reconfigurations of production lines. The changes in the construction of the plant had to be kept to the minimum. And, last but not least, the proposed solution should cooperate well with all the machinery already present in the plant. Krzysztof told us he is going to build and lead the team with a practical Agile approach. We decided we are ready to give it a try.

It quickly turned out it was a good decision. Krzysztof’s team did not stop on delivering the solution we asked for. While fixing one specific problem, they came up with a way to monitor all kinds of parameters of the trolley. They built the advanced prototype of the comprehensive monitoring system consisting of a device to be integrated with the transportation trolleys, hubs collecting information from those devices, backend with machine learning algorithms, and user-friendly applications to track the metrics.

We decided their solution was so good that we not only sold it to the client who asked for it, but we made it a part of our product portfolio, yielding a lot of inquiries from current and prospective clients. I most definitely recommend Krzysztof. I am sure exceeding clients’ expectations is his drill.

Artur Skrzyszewski Board of Directors

Selected Case Studies

Our bullet-proof team-building tactics


Hire skilled engineers working across different disciplines. Guide them through the team building process. Let them decide on the name of their Squad.


Strengthen their soft skills. Teach them how to give and receive feedback, brainstorm, make collective decisions. Let them find the best way to work on the project.


Watch how the culture of partnership grows among them. Coach the team when and where necessary.


Train them in SquadTec’s project management style. Make sure all Squad members feel equally responsible for the project’s success. Clear any doubts and objections.


Observe the Squad dynamics. Be on a lookout for a leader material. Search for superb soft skills, self awareness, and the understanding of team building principles.


Introduce the Squad - engineering special forces - to the client. See them deliver value from the first sprint.

SquadTec Our operational center

Kraków is our operational center. Why do we want you to know it? See below:

  • Polish engineers are among the best in the world. We are dead serious: see for yourself.
  • Kraków nails offshoring. We support many global brands.
  • Kraków is an academic center. There is a constant supply of engineers.
  • Kraków is European to the bone. You wouldn’t tell our city center from Italy or France.
  • Kraków is a pleasant place to live. It attracts foreigners. Bottom line: even more talents to hire.
  • Kraków has its own dragon. If that isn’t cool, we don’t know what is.