How we work

Agile in HW & SW

Why Agile?

For us, Agile is not an industry buzzword. Agile is what we live by. Why do we value it so much?

  • Our Squads own their projects. They take responsibility for it from start to finish. They plan their work, execute the plan according to the schedule, and present it to the client. There is no go-between to account for their actions. Hence, it’s best to deliver something they can be proud of.
  • At the end of each sprint, the team can see the outcome of their work and show it to the client. What's a better way to stay motivated?
  • The work is timeboxed into sprints. This way, the Squad can quickly adapt to the changes in requirements.

Advanced Project Management in Jira

Some say using Jira means you’re Agile. Bullshit! Jira is just a tool. It doesn’t make you anything. It can help. It can harm. It so happens it usually hurts the projects. But we made Jira become our engineering secret weapon.

Our engineers don’t spend time on Jira. They spend time on delivering value. Yet, our Jira lets us track the project’s progress in real-time. Things done, things in progress, things that are pending - the overview is one click away. We know exactly what’s happening in the project. We are ready to report to our clients. Or they can see it themselves on their dashboards.

Our bullet-proof team-building tactics


Hire skilled engineers working across different disciplines. Guide them through the team building process. Let them decide on the name of their Squad.


Strengthen their soft skills. Teach them how to give and receive feedback, brainstorm, make collective decisions. Let them find the best way to work on the project.


Watch how the culture of partnership grows among them. Coach the team when and where necessary.


Train them in SquadTec’s project management style. Make sure all Squad members feel equally responsible for the project’s success. Clear any doubts and objections.


Observe the Squad dynamics. Be on a lookout for a leader material. Search for superb soft skills, self awareness, and the understanding of team building principles.


Introduce the Squad - engineering special forces - to the client. See them deliver value from the first sprint.

Factors of Success

We don’t believe in one key to success. We believe in many factors contributing to excellent cooperation.

  • Organizational Culture

    We trust and empower our engineers. They can be sure their opinions are heard. Our Squads are working as a unit to deliver the best results. Every member of a team is responsible for the project’s outcome.

  • Project Planning

    Time management and planning are crucial for the timely delivery. We leave planning in the hands of our Squads. They know their capacity best.

  • Transparency

    Everyone in the Squad knows who is doing what. This way, the team is always in sync and working towards the final goal.

  • Real-time Progress Tracking

    With our unique toolset, we can present the project forecasts in real-time. We can quickly identify problems and act accordingly.

  • Predictability

    Good planning, transparency, and real-time tracking make our projects predictable. You can be in full control of time and budget.