Case Study

Client’s Testimonial

Krzysztof was of great help in our journey towards making Uber Engineering a whole faster and more efficient with Jira and Agile development practices. He leveraged his deep knowledge and capability as a trainer, mentor, and evangelist in bringing more and more teams not just into Jira but as willing and enthusiastic participants into the cultural transformation that was taking place. He taught managers not just how to use the tool but how to be able to bring ICs along being capable estimators of work sizing and delivery dates. That’s no small achievement.

He provided training on how best to use Jira in achieving maximum developer productivity, velocity, and efficient collaboration. It became very clear through talking and listening to him that he has given this subject area a huge amount of thought, both at Uber and at previous companies, and has been very successful in implementing these best practices at JUMP, creating not just a high-velocity team that consistently manages to deliver its work product ahead of schedule, but also with a high degree of ownership and team morale.

This is not something one achieves simply by looking at high-level metrics and dashboards, though those are also obviously important when it comes to keeping all levels of management informed to just the right degree, but by also integrating the task tracking tooling that Jira provides with an immersive engineering culture that can consistently create descriptive tasks and accurate story-point estimations and execute on same, a system that also seems to work well at both IC and manager level.

Jordan Hubbard Director, Uber Developer Platform